• Presence at the International Exhibition and Summit on Energy and Petroleum in Africa, Dakar 2016

  • Participation in the Africa Environnement Wangari Maathai Day, Nouakchott 2017

  • Waste Management achievements in Mauritania

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SEPCO, the regional leader in sustainable petroleum services


Founded in 2011, SEPCO Industries is a local service company, providing services to Oil and Gas Industry in Mauritania with various areas of expertise: Provision of Equipment and Products, Management of supply bases and Waste Management & disposal.

SEPCO is mainly engaged in providing services to Oil & Gas Exploration Companies in Mauritania, and has its head office in Nouakchott. SEPCO aims to become one of the leading service provider to oil and gas exploration companies in Mauritania and the subregion by implementing international standards of quality in all aspects of service.


SEPCO Industries was created to fill the gap in services and resources for Oil and Gas industry in Mauritania. Our primarily objective is to provide credible services and material offering in the country, in order to maximize Industry's local impact and improve cost effectiveness to our customers.

Vision and Values

We are committed to providing the very best services and products to our clients. Our permanent objective is to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our services, while ensuring the safety of people and environment. SEPCO is an environmentally responsible company committed to operate in a manner which will ensure that the highest standards of environmental protection are maintained. We are devoted to building our enterprise with integrity, and we have a reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with all stakeholders around us: administrations, clients, partners and competitors. Our commitments to transparency, integrity and to our reputation are the main foundation for our success.


SEPCO's strategy is to contract directly with clients and take ownership of projects, while introducing international expertise where needed. In doing so, we maximise the local impact of these projects, assure customers the best quality of service through strategic partnership with international services leaders and at the same time we continuously develop our own knowledge and expertise. Every single project, service or work is an opportunity for us to learn, to build up and maintain critical mass of resources in the country in order to continuously improve customers cost saving.

Products & Services

SEPCO is increasingly gaining a great recognition for excellence in the oil and gas industry in Mauritania. We provide products and services to the local and international oil and gas companies through an integrated team of experienced professionals and technical experts. SEPCO provides a broad range of services to support all upstream and downstream oil and gas activities such as: Our ranges of services include:

Provision & Handling of chemicals

Provision and Handling of Chemicals for Production and Exploration

Provision of Oilfield equipment

Provision of Equipment: Power generators, pumps and accessories, Lifting Gears etc..;


Provision and Maintenance of CCUs

Waste management

Waste Management and Disposal Services

Qualified Labor for Oilfield Operations

Qualified Labor for Oilfield Operations (rigging, lifting operations, LMP and bulk plants crews, Welding, Sand Blasting etc ...)

Mobile Plant

Provision of Mobile plant

Vessels Support

Vessels consignment and husbanding (FCB, Supply Vessels....)

Tanks Cleaning

Fuel oil tank cleaning, Removal and disposal of sludge, carbon and clay.


SEPCO is committed to apply HSE policies and rigorous standards throughout the company to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and contractors as well as to the protection of the environment.


SEPCO Industries

Nouakchott, Mauritania
+222 25 00 92 22
+222 45 25 50 62


A career at SEPCO will challenge you to invent your future by working on challenging projects, problem solving with and for our clients, and collaborating with experienced experts in the field. We deliver quality coaching and training to our personnel through our collaboration with international service leaders and through internal training programs. We respect the competency and commitment of our personnel and we ensure that their wellbeing, personal development and safety are never compromised. At SEPCO you are empowered to choose your own motivating work and associated work environment.

If you do wish to join our team, you can send us your CV and we will keep it in mind for future selection processes.

Send an E-mail to our Recrutement division